Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my jewelry?

Many pieces in the jewelry line are made of vintage and reclaimed materials. I take pride in the craftswomanship put into each and every design offered. Many of the designs we offer are worn and time tested by myself to ensure longevity. Please be thoughtful in handling your jewelry by keeping it dry and out of humid environments. The metal of choice is brass for many Revival Reliquary pieces because it oxidizes beautifully over time. If you prefer your jewelry to keep a shiny and bright appearance it is recommend that a jewelry polishing cloth be used to clean your jewelry. Sunshine polishing cloths are a great option.

How is the jewelry created?

Each and every piece is designed and brought to life by me- Corrie Sweat. I am the owner of Revival Reliquary and work out of my modest studio in Savannah, GA. The materials I use are carefully sourced and most are reclaimed or vintage pieces that have been re-worked and brought back to life. For this reason, Revival Reliquary collection includes many one of a kind pieces in addition to a selection of small batch runs.

Do you do jewelry repairs?

I am always happy to accomodate customers repairs for any pieces purchased through Revival Reliquary. Please contact Corrie.Revival@gmail.com as repairs are always a case by case basis. Sometimes I may not be able recreate your piece we no longer have access to the materials originally used or if your piece is a one-of-a-kind item but I will always do my best!